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Group Code: CGTNY06
Leaders Name: Juan Videla
Meeting: Wednesday @7:30pm
Phone: 647.720.0522

Group Code: CGTNY05
Leaders Name: Nubia & Omar Rivera
Meeting: Wednesday @7:30pm
Phone: 416.799.0216

Group Code: CGGTAB02
Leaders Name: Manuel Castillo
Meeting: Saturday @6:00pm
Phone: 416.450.8120

Group Code: Emmanuel & Esmeralda (Address)
Leaders Name: Emmanuel & Esmeralda Videla
Meeting: Wednesday @7:30pm
Phone: 647.720.0570

Hi Friends, I invite you to my connect group this week. I believe that Jesus is going to do something amazing in your life. Get ready for great things in your life!

Group Code: CGGTAB01
Leaders Name: Milvia Ramos
Meeting: Wednesday @7:30pm
Phone: 647.244.2027

Group Code: CGTNY03
Leaders Name: Pedro & Flavia Funes
Meeting: Wednesday @7:30pm
Phone: 647.765.1495