Connect Groups

A place to grow and fellowship. Join a group near you today.

Join a group with a lifestyle just for you

Connect Groups are the heartbeat and the very life source of our Church. Week-to-week people like you get together in different homes around the GTA, making Connect Groups the most recurring service for the church. The same things that occur in Church occur in the homes, because every leader takes with them the “church culture” and establishes it in the Connect Group. This means, in every house the presence of God is present, you see miracles, healing’s, deliverance, prayer, worship, an empowering life-changing word, together with impartation and open heavens to receive blessings -same as in the church.

Jesus had so much love and care towards people, that he sent seventy of his disciples, two-by-two throughout the cities, with the mission of being transporters of peace to every house they entered. Their task was to bring the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom though preaching of the word and manifestation of the power of God. Jesus also sends us out today to declare in every home they we may enter:

Connect Groups are a lifestyle

Connect Groups are friends and families that open their house to receive other friends, families & neighbours, with the purpose of sharing the gospel of the Kingdom. It’s a place close to you, where you’ll be able to fellowship in harmony with people like you and grow spiritually together. There we pray for the needs of people, we sing, we teach the word and we take spiritual care of every guest and member that joins.